Spring by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Spring by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Spring Art Print

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Spring Art Print (CN23952)

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ABOUT THIS PIECE Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's Spring was created in 1894 and is in J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles. The size of the work is 178,4 x 80,3 cm and is made of oil on canvas. Barefoot young women and children adorned with flower crowns and playing musical instruments lead a procession through a city built of marble. Splashes of color, like the scarlet poppies and yellow daffodils, draw the eye across the canvas to explore the vibrant details of an ancient Roman festival, as meticulously reimagined by Dutch artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Spectators leaning over from the rooftops cheer and wave, while more reserved figures acknowledge the procession from the royal box under the central arch. The gold standard in front of them, raised on blue poles and decorated with purple garlands, bears a Latin inscription dedicated to Priapus, the god of nature, gardens, and fertility. The Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836 - 1912) was a Dutch painter who later settled in the United Kingdom, becoming the last officially recognised denizen in 1873. Born in Dronrijp, the Netherlands, and trained at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium, he settled in England in 1870 and spent the rest of his life there.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT Art Movement: Academic Classicism Location and Reference: J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles

To create this canvas print, the image is printed directly onto an artist-grade canvas. Our Giclee Museum Quality Prints use inks resistant to fading and allow the tonalities and hues of the Original Painting. Finished with a suitable colored portion in addition to the size, this canvas print provides an artistic look with depth and texture. art prints on canvas stretched and rolled
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