What is canvas print and how made it?


The most important requirement of a qualified and quality canvas printing is the digital visuals in a high resolution and in the appropriate size. If you have good printing equipment and technological infrastructure, you won't get successful results if you don't have good visuals.

As Canvastar, we have an experience that approaches about 30 years. By working with qualified photography artists, we have made images of printing that will be subject to oppression, and we have added high quality visuals to our portfolio by collaborating with organizations abroad.

Preparation for printing begins by editing images in digital media and making them conform to the dimensions demanded for print. The visual file that is ready for printing is sent to the large printer that hosts the deployed canvas. It is important to note that you must have a quality canvas that can secure the paint to the surface thoroughly. If your canvas does not have a cotton and homogeneous surface, then your pressure will encounter problems such as discoloration and spillage after a while. You should avoid canvas-like materials, especially those made from synthetic materials.

In addition, one of the most important factors determining the quality of print is to use the original cartridge. There are stuffed cartridges sold on the market. Prints made with these inks have great problems both in light resistance and in terms of color values.


In summary, the most important rule of good printing is to use high quality and original materials....


The printed canvas is carefully cut and folded and deposited to dry without being allowed to fold. After completing drying the protective surface layer prepared with a special mixture is driven. This process should be done with a soft roll and the surface should be spread homogeneous. Otherwise, the eye will have false marks on the surface and the table will create unwanted reflections in different posture positions. Our canvas prints made of surface protection will be left to dry and rest.



In this time, the wooden bar of our printing should be prepared. Good dried wood profiles are cut in accordance with the surface size of the prints and the wooden chassis are ready to be stretched. The canvases that are finished drying are carefully stretched to the wooden chassis and mounted on the hanging wire. In order not to leave traces on the wall where the wire is mounted, the points are closed with small canvas parts and protection is provided.



The packaging phase is also an important stage. It should be packed to withstand any possible impact during the transfer of cargos. For this reason, both surfaces are protected with styrofoam parts and are secured to our product. Then the surface is wrapped with a complete air nylon and delivered to the shipping company.



Our canvas print is ready to take its place in the house of our art-loving customer....

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