How to order and prepare a Custom Art Prints?


One of the most frequently asked questions is how to make a photo you like or a picture you like as a canvas. Of course, the question that follows is what properties should the material you send?




First of all, it should be noted that Art Print on Canvas is a digital printing product. For this purpose, the resolution and pixel size of the image is important for quality of the print.


1. Resolution


72 dpi (dot per inches) This means that one inch (1 inch = 2.54cm) is sufficient for art printing. This is for the quality of the image. Moreover, it will of course be more satisfying in terms of visual and color richness, but it is not necessarily necessary.


2. Pixel Dimensions


In the digital environment, the visuals consist of a combination of small dots. Pixel is the unit that tells you how many dots an image consists of. It is a good criterion for 28 cm printing for 1 cm print area.





For example: If you want the long edge of your art print to be 60 cm: The long edge should not be less than 1680 pixels (60 x 28 = 1680 pixels long edge) and 72 dpi resolution is required.


Or if you want a 100 x 80 cm art print on canvas, the image you send should not be smaller than 2800 pixels x 2240 pixels and 72 dpi resolution.


However, we have an expert graphic staff who will tell you which print size ranges your image can or cannot be printed without compromising the above mentioned print quality criteria.


If you want to find out if your image is suitable for printing, just send an email to [email protected]. If you specify the estimated size of the canvas table in cm, we will give you a clearer answer.


Our graphic designers will examine the image you send as soon as possible and tell the customer representative whether the image is suitable for printing or not, as well as information about possible print sizes as soon as possible.


Remember, CANVASTAR does not print every image you send. Quality comes first for us. We never want to send you a pressure that the result will not satisfy us.


In addition, all the pictures you order from our website are evaluated according to the same criteria and added to the portfolio.


EMAİL: [email protected]


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