art prints on canvas in rolled condition


Average lead times: We deliver our canvas prints to shipping company at the end of 3 working days. Delivery time may change as your country.


Import fees or import charges, customs duties, or other fees may apply depending on your destination. The order total doesn't include the costs you may pay to the relevant customs authorities.


CANVASTAR may change the cargo company in order to make faster shipment when needed. There is no additional charge for changes made due to customer satisfaction.


Please confirm the address to which the shipment will be delivered after the sale is completed, together with a recipient contact phone number.


In case of products that cannot be delivered to cargo, the special couriers of our company will contact you with regard to delivery times. For products requiring special courier, additional cargo will be negotiated and alternatives will be left to the buyer.



CANVASTAR provides boxing for optimum protection in wooden pulley shipments. It also keeps the costs arising from the materials and cargo used at an optimum level and includes them in the frame and frame price.

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