With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of plastic arts, we offer you an exclusive collection of art lovers. We would like to thank the experts of Istanbul Art House who presented our intensive experiences and recommendations in creating our portfolio. Our portfolio, which we created from the works of world famous painters, is increasing day by day and renewing in line with the requests and opinions from you.


As a member of, you can both benefit from the convenience we offer and be informed of developments.




Apart from the tables available in our collection, we can also present a photo or design that you want to poster on your canvas as a canvas.


At this point we would like to tell you the process: When you send us your visual document at hand, we are first informed by our graphic artists what sizes are suitable for printing. In addition, if desired, the necessary color and graphics improvements are made on the document. Your confirmation with the final shape is given to the press after it is received.

In addition to your special order for decoration, we offer our deep-rooted experience for interior designers who are designing professional photographers and private spaces especially for exhibiting their work. We have recently announced that we are starting to use our canvas charts as an artistic solution element in new media and installation studies.




Our prints are prepared using original ink with digital plotter on 100% cotton first class canvas.


We offer our canvas charts in 8 different sizes. The table is based on the long side (horizontal or vertical) dimension and there are eight standard sizes from 50 cm to 120 cm. However, if desired, visual quality is available and production is also made in special sizes.


We are leaving you with thousands of pieces that we think will be suitable for your taste and your work, and we wish you good shopping.




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