Singing at the Table by Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano
Singing at the Table by Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano
Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano Singing at the Table Art Print

Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano Singing at the Table Art Print (CN23858)

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ABOUT THIS PIECE Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano's Singing at the Table was created in 1855 and is in Museo Carmen Thyssen Malaga. The size of the work is 40 x 35,5 cm and is made of oil on canvas. Some Romantic genre scenes were painted in pairs. The works in question did not necessarily portray two episodes of the same story, although there was sometimes a slight thematic link. Such is the case of this loosely and sketchily executed pair of paintings with similar measurements and certain iconographic parallels, as they both refer to the process of the amorous conquest. In the first, two strikingly dressed girls with flowers in their hair are out strolling in the park, away from the main path. They are met by a young man who flirts with one of them; she returns a coquettish glance. Bejarano thus becomes an indiscreet chronicler of the amorous practices of Romantic Andalusia and reveals the real reasons why young people went out strolling. As was customary, the girl approached by her suitor is accompanied by another girl – only low-class women, and even then not always, went out on their own – who acts as her friend’s accomplice, amusing herself by playing with the little dog to allow the courting couple greater intimacy. In the background, at a bend where the path disappears from sight, a group of finely dressed ladies and gentlemen are engaged in a lively conversation, forming a ring, while a majo and a maja advance towards the foreground. The Artist: Manuel Cabral Aguado-Bejarano (1827 - 1891) was a Spanish painter in the Romantic style; best known for his Costumbrismo scenes.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT Art Movement: Romanticism Location and Reference: Museo Carmen Thyssen Malaga

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