The Anger of Achilles by Jacques-Louis David
The Anger of Achilles by Jacques-Louis David
Jacques Louis David The Anger of Achilles Art Print
The Anger of Achilles by Jacques-Louis David

Jacques Louis David The Anger of Achilles Art Print (CN24666)

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ABOUT THIS PIECE Jacques Louis David's The Anger of Achilles was created in 1819 and is in Kimbell Art Museum. The size of the work is 105,3 x 145 cm and is made of oil on canvas. There are numerous minor changes in The Anger of Achilles that occurred at a fairly late stage. The basic composition had already been established at this point, and David was refining the costumes and accessories. The most prominent change is the covering of Agamemnon’s bare shoulder with a red cloak secured by a gold coin clasp. This pentimento can be seen with the naked eye as dark diagonal streaks perpendicular to the red drapery’s folds. The decoration and shape of Achilles’ strap was changed from an oval-link strap studded with alternating diamond and oval-shaped gems to a straight-sided strap with a meander motif. The gold border of his robe was, in turn, transformed from a meander to a stepped pattern. David also shifted the position of Iphigenia’s eyes, possibly to heighten the poignancy of her emotional state. The Artist: Jacques-Louis David (1748 – 1825) was a French painter in the Neoclassical style, considered to be the preeminent painter of the era. In the 1780s his cerebral brand of history painting marked a change in taste away from Rococo frivolity toward classical austerity and severity and heightened feeling, harmonizing with the moral climate of the final years of the Ancien Régime.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT Art Movement: Neoclassicism Location and reference: Kimbell Art Museum

To create this canvas print, the image is printed directly onto an artist-grade canvas. Our Giclee Museum Quality Prints use inks resistant to fading and allow the tonalities and hues of the Original Painting. Finished with a suitable colored portion in addition to the size, this canvas print provides an artistic look with depth and texture. art prints on canvas stretched and rolled
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