Death and the Miser by Hieronymus Bosch
Death and the Miser by Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch Death and the Miser Art Print

Hieronymus Bosch Death and the Miser Art Print (CN24290)

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ABOUT THIS PIECE Hieronymus Bosch's Death and the Miser was created in 1485 and is in National Gallery of Art Washington D.C. The size of the work is 93 x 31 cm and is made of oil on panel. In this panel Bosch shows us the last moments in the life of a miser, just before his eternal fate is decided. A little monster peeping out from under the bed–curtains tempts the miser with a bag of gold, while an angel kneeling at the right encourages him to acknowledge the crucifix in the window. Death, holding an arrow, enters at the left. Oppositions of good and evil occur throughout the painting. A lantern containing the fire of Hell, carried by the demon atop the bed canopy, balances the cross which emits a single ray of divine light. The figure in the middle ground, perhaps representing the miser earlier in his life, is shown as hypocritical; with one hand he puts coins into the strongbox where they are collected by a rat–faced demon, and with the other he fingers a rosary, attempting to serve God and Mammon at the same time. A demon emerging from underneath the chest holds up a paper sealed with red wax — perhaps a letter of indulgence or a document that refers to the miser's mercenary activities. The Artist: Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450 - 1516) was a Dutch/Netherlandish painter from Brabant. His work contains fantastic illustrations of religious concepts and narratives.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT Art Movement: Renaissance Location and Reference: National Gallery of Art Washington D.C.

To create this canvas print, the image is printed directly onto an artist-grade canvas. Our Giclee Museum Quality Prints use inks resistant to fading and allow the tonalities and hues of the Original Painting. Finished with a suitable colored portion in addition to the size, this canvas print provides an artistic look with depth and texture. art prints on canvas stretched and rolled
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