Henri Martin Beauté Art Print
Henri Martin Beauté Art Print
Henri Martin Beauté Art Print

Henri Martin Beauté Art Print (CN22245)

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ABOUT THIS PIECE Henri Martin's Beauté was created in 1900 and is in Musee des Augustins. The original size of the work is 188 x 110 cm and is made of oil on canvas. The Artist: Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin (1860 - 1943) was a French painter. Elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1917, he is known for his early 1920s work on the walls of the Salle de l'Assemblée générale, where the members of the Conseil d'État meet in the Palais-Royal in Paris.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT Art Movement: Post Impressionism Location: Musee des Augustins

To create this canvas print, the image is printed directly onto an artist-grade canvas. Our Giclee Museum Quality Prints use inks resistant to fading and allow the tonalities and hues of the Original Painting. Finished with a suitable colored portion in addition to the size, this canvas print provides an artistic look with depth and texture. art prints on canvas stretched and rolled
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