Girls Team Series Sponsorship 2008-2009


kız takımı dizi sponsorluğu


Canvastar, in agreement with FOX TV for 2008-2009 season sponsored the "Girls Team" series with her paintings. The series will be used in various venues CANVASTAR paintings will be one of the most important elements complementing the decor.
You can watch Girl Series every Monday at 20:00.
The information about the series is as follows;
Actors: Duygu Erokan, Zeynep Evrim Aydin, Buket Aslan, Pelin Caliskanoglu, Emre Cilasin, Hulya Cabuk, Mert Ozturk, Ece Aksel, Demet Ulus, Action Topal, Merve Er, Birand Tunca, Altay Ozbek, Arzu Gamze Kilinc Eight young girls questioning their roles and their common passions are basketball ...
Schools opened!
Zeynep and Halide have not registered yet. Canan Hoca will do everything he can for these two girls. Meanwhile, Gülsuna's marriage preparations are continuing. Girls try to prevent this situation.
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