Canvas Art Prints with Full Led Backlight


One of the most popular presentation instruments of today, illuminated paintings are highly appreciated for their visual quality, lighting technique and frame fineness. It is suitable for all kinds of places, such as stores, hotels, shop windows, and illuminated tables.

In addition to its commercial and industrial use, we are delighted to present these products to art lovers. From now on, the paintings will shine brightly in dim and dark environments and will be instrumental in a new art pleasure.


How is it being prepared?


The works printed on a special fabric with UV printing technique are then mounted to the aluminum casing with very thin edges with a depth of 4.5 cm. As the size increases, the depth of the case can be increased up to 10 cm. Of course, led lighting elements are installed in the cases before. Thanks to the silicone edges of the printed fabric, it is possible to stretch it with a small movement and tighten it to the aluminum case.

Thanks to special printing modes, saturated and true colors are obtained on the fabric and no lightening is observed in the colors despite the intense light source.


Thanks to the LED system that illuminates every point uniformly, a homogeneous illumination is provided, thus maintaining the integrity of the work. Our illuminated tables are delivered with adapter. Art lovers can adjust the power of light to their tastes by adding dimmer.


Is there a guarantee?


Yes, our Canvas Art Prints with Full Led Backlight are 100% guaranteed for 5 years