Dünya Etrafında Işıklı Tablo
Dünya Etrafında Işıklı Tablo

Around the World Full Lighted Art Print (LC15895)

Brand : canvastar
Price : $280.80(Vat included)
Quantity :
ABOUT THE PRODUCT A qualified appearance is obtained by printing with silicone edges. After the work is printed, it is stretched with a small movement due to the silicone edges and mounted on an eloxal aluminum case with a depth of 4,5 cm. With special printing modes, saturated and true colors are obtained on the fabric and no lightening is observed in the colors despite the intense light source. The LED system that illuminates every point equally provides a homogeneous illumination, thus preserving the integrity of the work. Our light tables are delivered with an adapter. Art lovers can adjust the power of the light according to their taste by adding dimmers.

Our illuminated canvas paintings are 100% guaranteed for 5 years. kanvas tablo tuval örneği, ahşap şasi ve paketleme
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